About Us

In spoken Spanish, ‘Cacaitos’ is the plural diminutive for cacao.  In Colombia, such expression is used to denote something delightful, very special and unique in its quality and flavor.

Colombia is one of the Tropical American Countries, that shares the title of ‘birthplace of cacao in the world’. Nevertheless, for political issues and local industry interest, Colombian cacao is not as popular internationally as other Tropical American cacaos.

In fact, due to the high diversity of climate regions in Colombia, several origins of fine flavor cacao are to be discovered in the near future by the worldwide chocolate industry.

From the South, in the Amazon Basin to the North in the Atlantic Coast and from the West in the Pacific Coast to the East in the Orinoco Basin, crossing the Andes, the most diverse natural ecosystems are the environments where cocoa tree grows.

Cacaitos is eager to introduce Colombian cacaos internationally, sourcing cocoa beans with outstanding fine flavor grown in representative regions of the Country.

To do so, Cacaitos work mainly with small cacao producers some of them located in former under conflict areas of Colombia. There are additional benefits for farmers, besides being paid interesting premium prices for their beans.  Technical support on after harvest processes and guidance on transition to organic production are some of the advantages for them.

Thanks for your interest in Cacaitos!!