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Location: Shores of the Caribbean Sea
Habitat: Moist forest surrounded by xeric scrub and dry forest
Ecoregion status: Vulnerable
Elevation range: 0 to 3,300 meters above the sea level
Average annual precipitation: 3,000 mm
Main Rivers: Cesar, Cienaga, Magdalena and, Rancheria
Flora and Fauna species:  3,000 +




Location: Eastern Andes piedmont towards Venezuela
Habitat: Transitional Andes forest to lowland grassland (Llanos)
Ecoregion Status: Vulnerable
Elevation range: 130 to 400 meters above sea level
Average annual precipitation: 135 mm
Main Rivers: Arauca, Ariari, Guaviare and, Meta
Flora and Fauna species: 441




Location: Nestled in the middle of Central and Eastern Andes Cordilleras
Habitat: Transitional Mesoamerican Jungles to Chocó Jungles
Ecoregion Status: Endangered
Elevation range: 0 to 2,600 meters above the sea level
Average annual precipitation: 3,600 mm
Main Rivers: Atrato, Cauca, Magdalena, Nechí, San Jorge and, Sinú.
Flora and Fauna species: Unknown but highly rich in species diversity and endemism.



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